Set the standard for environmental responsibility with our Mat Washing services. We ensure your mats are clean and eco-friendly, ready for immediate deployment on your project site.

Mat Washing Services

Welcome to Onyx Access Solutions, your trusted partner for specialized mat washing services in Edmonton, Alberta. At the forefront of mat hygiene, our services ensure that your mats remain free of contaminants, debris, and other unwanted materials. We recognize the crucial role mats play in environmentally sensitive projects and commit to delivering a solution that embodies safety, cleanliness, and reliability.

Relying on advanced cleaning methodologies, our state-of-the-art mat washing plants use top-tier equipment and processes to guarantee thoroughly cleaned and disinfected mats. This ensures that they’re ready for deployment, meeting and often surpassing industry standards.

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High-Efficiency Mat Washing for Optimal Performance

We don’t just clean your mats; we revitalize them. Every mat—be it an access mat, rig mat, or crane mat—that comes through our state-of-the-art wash plants undergoes a rigorous cleaning process. This heavy-duty wash ensures that your mats are free from not just visible dirt but also potential spread of noxious weeds and other micro-contaminants that could affect the job site.

Focused on sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, our mat washing services employ eco-friendly cleaning agents. This process is crucial, especially when the mats are used in environmentally sensitive areas, to ensure that we don’t add to environmental degradation.

Access Mat Washing

Tailored Mat Washing Solutions

Different projects have different needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand the specific challenges and requirements of your next project. By tailoring our available services to match your needs, we assure that the mats you receive are ready for immediate deployment at your job site.

Whether you need a fast cleaning time to keep transport costs low, or a thorough wash to prepare for an upcoming project, we’ve got you covered.

Types of Mats We Handle:

  • Access Mats: Primarily used in construction projects and heavy equipment access, these mats are vital for ground stabilization and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Rig Mats: These mats are essential for pipeline crossings and heavy-duty equipment support, offering unparalleled durability and support.
  • Crane Mats: Built from large timbers, these mats are designed to support extremely heavy loads, making them ideal for use with mobile cranes and other heavy machinery.

Choose Onyx for Comprehensive Mat Washing Solutions

When it comes to mat washing, Onyx Access Solutions sets the standard in quality, reliability, and professionalism. As a trusted choice across Canada and the USA, we offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond cleaning.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our mat washing services and how we can help maximize the longevity and effectiveness of your matting for the next project. Experience the Onyx difference—where quality meets efficiency.

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