When it comes to heavy lifting, count on Onyx Access Solutions. Our Crane Mats are crafted from robust timbers and built to support extreme loads, such as mobile cranes.

Crane Mats

Welcome to Onyx Access Solutions, the premium provider of high-caliber hardwood crane mats and timber mats in Edmonton, Alberta. Built from selectively chosen large timbers, our crane mats are specifically engineered to support extremely heavy loads, including mobile cranes, modulars, and other demanding operations. These mats provide an invaluable foundation for construction projects that require impeccable strength and reliability.

By utilizing our hardwood crane mats, you can confidently traverse difficult terrains, ensure stability on site, uphold ground stabilization standards, and ensure the highest safety and efficiency in your projects.

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Top-tier Hardwood Crane Mats for Critical Operations

Onyx Access Solutions’ crane mats, including our time crane mats, are built with utmost precision using the finest timbers, ensuring unmatched strength and durability even in swampy conditions or the most demanding terrains.

Our crane mats and heavy equipment mats are specifically designed to withstand colossal weights, making them the ideal choice for projects that employ heavy-duty machinery and require steadfast ground support.

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Choosing the Best Timber Crane Mats for Your Operations

It is crucial to select the right crane mat tailored to your specific project needs, considering aspects like crane mat sizes and whether you might benefit from used crane mats. Our inventory includes custom sizes to ensure optimal fit for your equipment. At Onyx, we stand ready to guide our clients in making informed decisions, ensuring that they procure the best matting solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

Applications of Crane Mats

Crane mats, sometimes referred to as crane pads, are indispensable in operations that involve substantial weights and require a stable platform. They are pivotal in construction projects that use heavy cranes, modular setups, and other equipment, offering a consistent and dependable surface.

By integrating our crane mats, including our specialized swamp mats, you not only ensure the safety and efficiency of your project but also ensure its environmental integrity, especially in sensitive terrains.

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Custom Crane Mat Solutions

Innovation is at the heart of Onyx Access Solutions. We recognize that every project is unique, and as such, we offer bespoke crane mat solutions, including custom sizes, molded to your specific needs. From expert consultations to the final product delivery, our process is characterized by precision, quality, and customer-centricity.

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Environmentally Conscientious Crane Mats

Environmental sustainability remains a cornerstone of our operations. Onyx’s crane mats, renowned for ground stabilization, aid in minimizing the environmental impact by ensuring ground protection, preventing soil degradation, and preserving vegetation.

Our commitment to an eco-friendly approach ensures that our crane mats, including used crane mats, not only serve your project needs efficiently but also contribute positively to the environment.

Why Opt for Onyx's Crane Mats

Strength, reliability, and unmatched quality are what Onyx’s crane mats offer, be it timber mats or hardwood crane mats. Coupled with our competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service, we remain a preferred choice for heavy-duty projects across Canada and the USA.

For more information on our extensive range of mats, including heavy equipment mats, or to request a quote, contact Onyx Access Solutions. Trust in our expertise and witness the difference our top-tier products bring to your operations.

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