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Your Full-Service Matting Solution in Western Canada: Onyx specializes in Access, Rig, and Crane Mats, backed by seamless installation, removal, and trucking services. Trust us for end-to-end mat services that set the industry standard.

Access Mats Swamp

Access Mats

Access mats are used to build access roads and work spaces such as drilling pads.

Rig Mats in on the ground

Rig Mats

Rig mats are steel framed, used for heavy duty projects and pipeline crossings.

Crane Mats Stacked

Crane Mats

Built out of large timbers, these support heavy loads such as cranes & modulars.

Access Mat Washing

Mat Washing

Our mat washing plants allow us to bring you clean mats to your projects.

Get More Access

Mats are used to provide access into areas with unsuitable terrain. They are used to build temporary roads or laydowns/drilling pads. When weather turns bad or you are driving through swampy areas, you want to ensure that equipment doesn’t get stuck and your project gets delayed. Mats can also be used in environmentally sensitive areas to ensure no transfer of noxious weeds or clubroot.

Other mats like Rig Mats are used for pipeline crossings and more heavy-duty equipment. Crane Mats are thick timbers that support extremely heavy loads, such as mobile cranes.

Access Mats Winter Road Construction
Access Mats Being Laid Down

Pipelines, Drilling Pads, Construction & More

Access mats can used for pipeline right of ways, drilling pads, electrical transmission Right of Ways, construction work areas or laydowns.

Primary applications include temporary access road building, drilling pads, laydown areas, pipeline crossings, ground support for heavy equipment and work area for environmentally sensitive areas.

Matting Made Easy

From building access roads into difficult terrain, to building laydowns and drilling pads, Onyx ensures that our clients complete their project on time and on budget. Additional to rental of mats, we are partnered with one of the largest mat manufacturers in Western Canada, helping provide new mats at a competitive price. 
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